About Us

Since the creation of Tural Trade in 19/07/2000, our company has exhibited an incredible enlargement and success by taking part in some the firms import-export activities. Our company is basically focused on exporting and especially is doing its business with former Soviet Union countries. Besides, as a consulter, our Company is working for two giant Corporations by representing them in Turkey and providing and developing their required business relationships with Turkish and Foreign companies existing in Turkey. We also undertake abroad the responsibility of representation and presentation of Turkish and foreign companies existing in Turkey.


As a company, aiming to be a worldwide known provider, we’re trying to increase the number of countries where we cooperate. The items and products that we provide for import and export can be listed as follows:

- Electronic and Home Appliances

- Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products

- Wood

- Medical Products and Appliances

- Petrochemistry

- Different kind of electronic and home appliances such as cooker, cooker hoods, built-in ovens, free-standing ovens, refrigerators, fridges, air-conditioners etc. are imported and exported to the various corners of the world.


We can supply high qualitative natural hazelnut, hazelnut flour and roasted and diced 2-4mm hazelnut from our factory in Georgia and all kinds of hazelnut (natural, blanched, diced…. paste) from our factory in Turkey. Georgian hazelnuts are supplied for more reasonable prices, however, the quality as high as the Turkish ones. We export constantly our products to a lot of European countries and have no problem with customer satisfaction and product quality. 


For more detailed information please visit https://www.turalfood.com/