Food Industry

Tural Food is an inseparable part of TURAL GROUP.  Our hazelnut factory has launched in 2014 in Ozurgeti, Georgia. Despite the short period of time we constantly export Georgian hazelnut to a number of European countries.  Our export is mainly based on: 

- natural hazelnuts 9-11 mm

- natural hazelnuts 11-13 mm

- natural hazelnuts 13-15 mm

- natural hazelnuts 15+ mm

- diced and roasted hazelnut 2-4 mm

- hazelnut flour

- hazelnut paste
Based on customer's preferences we make packaging for:

- 20-25 kgs vacuum bags

- 50-80 kgs jute bags

- 1 tone Big Bags


Our products are shipped only after all analysis making by machines are completed. Our main principle is “To Be The Reliable Company”. We are like a family with all our employees. All members of our family are working together with high team spirit for implementing and developing quality standards. Our company fulfils its duties in order to contribute to the development of society and the whole industry.                                                                                                     


Our vision is always to be the leader of the market. We offer unlimited customer service. Directing, informing and offering a solution for related issue to our customer is within the scope of our service. The main source of development is measuring customer satisfaction and evaluation of customer expectations. Our company, instead of correcting the errors occurred, tries to take the necessary steps to prevent these errors to take a place and continuously improve its work in order to provide better service to the customers.


Our company takes all necessary steps especially in terms of education and training its employees for them to feel proud of being a part of the team. To provide better service to its customers, our company follows all technological innovations and try to implement them as much as it is possible.